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Hookahs, often called shisha, nargileh, or kalian, are water pipes used to smoke flavour-specific tobacco blends that are specially prepared. Adults who participate in hookah share a water pipe through which they pass a hose while inhaling flavoured tobacco with their family or friends. It focuses on conversations and builds a closer connection among people taking part. 


Hookah has been a popular activity among Indian, Persian, Turkish, Egyptian, and other Middle Eastern families for many years, and it is deeply established in their cultural traditions. In many cultures, this gesture is more than just a fun social pastime or way to unwind; it is a way for family, friends, and colleagues to extend hospitality to one another and create closer relationships. 


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Regardless of social class, religion, or political convictions, hookah is part of a large society that unites individuals. Since hookah is still valued as a method to show respect and extend excellent hospitality as it was hundreds of years ago, there has yet to be much of a break from tradition in modern society. 


In the same way that it has been done for generations, family members, close friends, and new acquaintances get together and strengthen relationships over a hookah. The hookah has evolved with time, but the tradition that underpins it has mostly stayed the same.


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