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Are we looking to buy hookahs and related accessories in Scarborough? Relax! We can be of assistance. The daytime in Scarborough is just as lively as the nighttime. It is the setting where we can fully enjoy life in every aspect. And here at Shisha Mart, we are Scarborough’s leading supplier and seller of top-quality hookah pipes, charcoal, flavours, and other accessories.


In many cultures, hookahs have been a mainstay of social gatherings and leisure for millennia. Smoking hookah has grown in popularity among young adults in recent years. Inhaling through a hookah pipe is a popular and trendy alternative to release stress and relax your mind.


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The hookah market is currently swamped with numerous brands and product varieties, all of which claim to be the best and highest quality. With so many options, it can be challenging for consumers to choose what is worthwhile. But how can you tell which one works? Fortunately, Shisha Mart has emerged to assist in precisely that problem-solving. After extensive research into many different hookahs, we select hookahs, including their designs, dependability, and price.


  • Top Quality Hookah and Accessories
  • Safe and Fast Delivery
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Availability of Different Flavours
  • A Kit for Every Level
  • Wide Range of Products


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Despite the long history of hookahs, some people are still unsure how to utilize them properly. Let’s discuss a few things to remember when handling hookahs and other accessories. 


  • It is advised to maintain the hookah’s base secure. Although varying the herbs, spices, and liquids can be fun, it must be done carefully. Avoid mixing milk and alcohol with highly acidic fruits like lemon.
  • Hookah flavours can be viewed as ingredients, and blending and matching can produce exciting mixtures. So you can try mixing different flavours. 
  • Washing and drying your foundation after each usage is recommended. The shisha kit needs to be cleaned between sessions for better flavour and smoking experiences. The residual juice, water, and cigarette pieces might ruin the flavour if not thoroughly cleaned.
  • It is strongly advised to cleanse before beginning your smoking session. The stale air will be removed during purging, guaranteeing a smooth experience. The air pressure can be trapped even though your hookah is supposed to be impermeable.  
  • Bonus Advice: Don’t Overthink It: Hookah is a retreat and a way to unwind. Getting a hookah setup and enjoying smoking should be the last thing on your mind. Enjoy the incredible flavour and sensations and take a few leisurely puffs.


Hookah is a great way to let everything go and get an escape. And we at Shisha Mart can help you enjoy quality time with friends and families with our best services. We are determined to keep offering top-notch products. Visit us now and make the most of your Hookah time!

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