Bubbly Herbal Shisha Flavours

When it comes to enhancing your hookah experience, nothing beats the exquisite, aromatic world of Bubbly Herbal Shisha Flavours. The unique blend of herbs, molasses, glycerin, and flavour not only elevates your shisha session but also ensures a smooth and satisfying smoke. Proudly crafted in Canada, these 100% herbal flavoured molasses present an assortment of scintillating tastes to suit everyone’s palate.



The Bubbly Herbal Shisha Flavours are a product of careful formulation and a commitment to quality. Each flavour is thoughtfully crafted from a harmonious blend of herbs, molasses, glycerin, and flavour. This mixture is designed to deliver an optimal balance of taste, aroma, and smoke density, perfect for seasoned smokers and novices alike.

The primary ingredient in this premium product is herbs, representing an organic, healthier alternative to traditional tobacco-based shisha. These herbs are saturated in molasses, providing the sweet and syrupy foundation that characterises each flavour. Glycerin is then added, which helps to produce thick, voluminous clouds of smoke – an integral part of the hookah experience.

A standout feature of Bubbly Herbal Shisha Flavours is the diverse range of tastes available. From the classic mint and double apple to exotic tropical fruits, there is a flavour to satiate every preference. This rich variety allows for endless exploration, ensuring that your shisha sessions remain exciting and novel.

Each pack of Bubbly Herbal Shisha Flavours contains 250 grams of flavoured herbal molasses. To make the most of your shisha experience, it is recommended to mix the contents well before use. This allows the herbal mixture to be evenly coated in the molasses and glycerin, enhancing the uniformity of the flavour and smoke production.

Made in Canada, the Bubbly Herbal Shisha Flavours are the embodiment of quality and indulgence. Every step of the production process is meticulously overseen, ensuring that what you receive is nothing short of the best. With these delectable flavours at your disposal, your hookah sessions will transform from mere smoking events into immersive sensory experiences. So go ahead, delve into the world of Bubbly Herbal Shisha Flavours, and let your senses be captivated by the aromatic allure of these incredible blends.

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