Mazaya Herbal Shisha Flavours

With a rich and diverse offering, Shisha Mart introduces the distinctive category of Mazaya Herbal Shisha Flavours to its esteemed customers in Canada. Renowned for their superb quality, these flavours transform your hookah experience into an exhilarating journey of taste and aroma, taking it beyond the ordinary.

Crafted with a precise blend of natural herbs, Mazaya Herbal Shisha Flavours truly set themselves apart in the hookah market. They offer an authentic smoking experience, but remarkably, they are 100% tobacco and nicotine-free, making them a healthier alternative for those who want to enjoy their hookah without the potential risks associated with nicotine.



Mazaya Herbal Shisha Flavours offer a unique spin on traditional hookah flavours. They deliver not just a distinctive taste but also a multisensory experience. Thanks to their intricate blend of herbs, each puff is a journey, filled with rich, layered flavours that dance on your taste buds and a gentle aroma that adds a new dimension to your hookah experience.

Importantly, the thick, fluffy smoke produced by Mazaya Herbal Shisha Flavours enhances the overall experience, making each session a memorable one. With each billow of smoke, you will notice the remarkable cloud production that is both visually appealing and indicative of the superior quality of these shisha flavours.

In addition, Mazaya’s unique, tobacco-free formula offers an appealing advantage to health-conscious users. It allows you to relish the pleasure of smoking hookah while eliminating the nicotine that is usually associated with this pastime. This makes it a favoured choice for those who want to indulge in a session of hookah without any nicotine-related concerns.

With a range of delicious flavours available, Mazaya Herbal Shisha Flavours cater to a variety of preferences. Whether you’re a fan of classic fruit flavours, or you enjoy exploring more exotic blends, you’re bound to find a Mazaya flavour that fits your taste profile.

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Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 12 cm
Mazaya Flavours

Blueberry Exotica Bubble Gum Cherry Grape Mint Gum with Mint Ice Lemon with Mint Kiwi with Lemon Lemon Mint Magic Fruit Mango with Peach Melon Mint Mixed Berries Mojito Orange Pan Raas Peach Strawberry Two Apple Two Apple with Mint Watermelon Watermelon Mint