SOEX Herbal Shisha Flavours 250g

Offering a unique and aromatic smoking experience, Shisha Mart’s SOEX Herbal Shisha Flavours represent a revolution in the world of hookah lovers. Each 250g package promises a rich, smooth, and satisfying session that caters to all palates. With a comprehensive collection of exotic and traditional flavours, the variety ensures there’s a taste for every preference.



SOEX Herbal Shisha is a non-tobacco, nicotine-free product that uses premium quality herbal ingredients. The composition is designed to provide an unrivalled smoke density, allowing users to produce impressive clouds without compromising on the flavour or aroma. It is an ideal choice for those seeking a healthier alternative without losing the essence of a traditional shisha experience.

The 250g packs are perfect for personal use or entertaining guests. The quantity allows for several uses, ensuring a long-lasting supply of your favourite flavours. Easy to store and handle, these packs offer convenience while keeping the freshness of the product intact.

Every flavour in the SOEX Herbal Shisha range is crafted with the utmost care. From the vibrant fruity notes of apple and watermelon to the exotic essence of paan and rose, there’s a world of tastes waiting to be discovered. The collection also includes minty and spicy options, delivering a balanced mix of cooling and warming sensations.

Moreover, the flavour intensity of SOEX Herbal Shisha is second to none. The taste remains consistent throughout the smoking session, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to finish. This consistency is a testament to the high-quality manufacturing process, which ensures that every packet delivers the same excellent standard of flavour.

Importantly, using SOEX Herbal Shisha is straightforward and compatible with all types of hookahs. The product is easy to pack in a bowl and burns evenly, maintaining a steady heat distribution. Whether you’re a seasoned hookah enthusiast or a newcomer to the scene, the intuitive design ensures that you’ll get the most out of your smoke sessions.

In conclusion, Shisha Mart’s SOEX Herbal Shisha Flavours redefine the hookah experience. Offering a wide range of unique flavours, a healthier alternative to traditional shisha, and long-lasting taste consistency, these products are a must-try for every hookah enthusiast. Discover the full spectrum of SOEX Herbal Shisha flavours and elevate your smoke sessions to new aromatic heights.

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Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 12 cm
SOEX Herbal Flavour

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