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“Hookah” is the word that brings a sense of excitement and craziness among many young adults. In addition to being able to smoke while seated at a table with friends, they may also share this exquisite, decorative equipment, which elevates the experience. 

Due to the public’s perception that using a hookah or shisha is healthier than smoking cigarettes, it is becoming more and more common. Other names for hookahs include waterpipes, narghiles, Hubble bubble, ghelyoons, ghalyans, gozas, and arghiles. They include a head, a body, a bowl filled with water or other liquids, and one or more hoses with mouthpieces for breathing the hookah smoke, among their many other components.

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What was previously a 500-year-old cultural custom in Middle Eastern regions of the world has now become a popular trend. Cool, fun, enjoyable and relaxing!

To make your shopping experience more convenient and comfortable, we at Shisha Mart aim to provide you with the latest and best products and expert knowledge. We are Brampton’s #1 supplier and seller of premium hookah pipes, charcoal, flavours, and accessories. Browse through our extensive range of products, and we’re confident that our incomparable rates and exceptional customer service will entice you to return again and again. More and more flavours are being introduced to the market as hookah use grows in popularity. Choosing the best brand and flavour for you has been challenging with so many options. 

Different Hookah Flavours 

Although the choice to buy primarily depends on the user’s preferences, below are a few common flavours frequently used by hookah fans.

Green Apple 

This flavour is most well-known to fans of traditional shisha. It deserves to be included in the list of the top hookah flavours. If this is your first time, you must try it; it is a household name in the world of hookahs. 


To create a distinctive flavour, mint flavour is frequently combined with cucumber and lavender. It is the most sensible choice and will provide a pleasurable experience.


Another well-known flavour that has generated a lot of discussion among consumers is peach. The tantalizing Kashmir peach combines Kashmiri spices with peach flavour. For many people, it is their preferred flavour. And many, many more.

According to many, hookah is a great method to unwind and escape. Fans of hookah can now enjoy a reliable product in a wide range of flavours. Nowadays, practically every step of the manufacturing process for hookah flavours is automated. So what are you waiting for, then? Purchase the best premium quality hookah flavours from Shisha Mart.

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