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Hookah Hygiene tips and tricks

In this article we’re going to discuss some tips and tricks on how to make your shisha sessions healthier so that you may enjoy your hookah without any undesirable side effects.

I’m going to preface this article with what is probably the most important hygienic habit you should adopt. And that is to wash your hookah after every session. We know it is boring and it can be time consuming but using a dirty hookah is not only unhealthy, it will also have a negative impact on your flavours for future sessions.

Here are a few pointers on how to properly clean your hookah;

– Dismantle your hookah completely, let all of your grommets and bowl sit in warm water mixed in with some lemon juice. You can let it soak in there while you clean the rest of your hookah.

– Pour some of that hot water mixed with the lemon juice in your base, swirl it around, and rinse it. Once it is rinsed, you can add more hot water along with some baking soda and scrub it. You can use any regular dish brush for this; just make sure you are not using that brush for anything else other than your hookah.

– Follow the same process to wash your stem. Pour some hot water mixed with lemon juice, shake it up and rinse it. Then add the baking soda, grab your stem brush, scrub the inside and rinse it again.

– If your hose is washable, run some hot water through it, swing it around and then let it dry. 

Now that we have covered the cleaning process, let us go over some unfamiliar tips on how to stay healthy during your sessions.

It is not uncommon for people to experience the so-called “hookah sickness” during shisha sessions. In the majority of cases, it is because of one of the following reasons:

1. Poor hydration. If you know you are going to smoke a certain day, try to increase your intake of water before your session. It is also important to stay hydrated during your session. Gatorade is also a great alternative if water is too boring for you.

2. Smoking shisha on an empty stomach. Traditionally, shisha sessions always followed a big feast. I don’t think this is simply coincidence as using a hookah on an empty stomach can be quite hard to handle. 

3. Insufficient ventilation. If you are smoking your shisha in a small, closed out room, you are asking for trouble. Try to have a window open or some kind of fan running. If both of those options are impossible, at least try to have your session in a much larger room with a higher ceiling.

4. Avoid using quick light coals. Sure, they are easy to use, but that comes with a heavy price. Quick-lights contain benzene, which is quite harmful to your body. The side effects of using quick light coals are similar (not as bad) to that of carbon monoxide poisoning. There are many natural and even coconut coals that you can use which are much healthier. 

So there you have it, follow these guidelines and you should be all set!