Signs it’s time to change your hookah

Signs it’s time to change your hookah

If you are reading this article, you are probably wondering if that time has indeed come for your hookah. Although we hope your hookah still has some mileage left in the tank, we are going to give you a few indications that it’s time to change your hookah and go shopping for a new one.

First indication: The flavor of your shisha is way off. If you start noticing that the flavor from your previous sessions start carrying over to each new subsequent session, your hookah “might” be past its prime. Sometimes a proper scrub might remedy the issue. If not, you might want to start looking for a new hookah. With that being said, we can’t stress enough how important it is to wash your entire setup after each and every session to prevent this from happening. Also, do not wait 3 days after your session to wash it, the sooner the better. 

Second indication: Rust starts appearing. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot you can do about this one. The good news is that most of the new lines of hookahs are made with superior quality materials that aren’t as likely to rust (or will not rush at all, ever). Sometimes investing in a more expensive hookah is the cheaper long-term solution. Again, washing your hookah immediately after every session will help delay the onset of rust.

Third indication: Cracks and broken parts. We know this probably sounds obvious to most of you. Nevertheless, we still frequently see people walking around with worn-out, beaten to death hookahs that look like they were found in a dig from a lost civilization. We get it, just because it looks in rough shape does not mean it is not working but when it comes to hookahs…it usually does. Even the tiniest of cracks can affect the quality of your session and the effect will only compound with time. 

To cap things off on a positive note, we will go over certain circumstances where only the hose needs to be changed, not the entire hookah.

Hose discoloration. If you own a brightly colored hose and start to notice discoloration, no need to panic. This is perfectly normal. Washing it will not bring the original color back, but it will still work perfectly fine. Keep in mind that eventually you will need to change it as it will start changing the flavor of your shisha.

Funky smell. Regularly testing the smell of your hose is good practise as it is a great indicator of the health of your hose. If it does smell weird, try washing it with hot water and lemon juice. If the smell persists, you’re out of luck and it’s time to change your hose.

We hope this helps you in your decision and we wish long life to your hookah!

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