Amotion FUTR

Shop for the cutting-edge Amotion FUTR hookahs at the most competitive prices exclusively at Shisha Mart. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of shisha, Amotion FUTR offers unparalleled smoking experiences with its sleek design and innovative features.



The Amotion FUTR is a medium-sized hookah with a matching mouthpiece

Height: approx. 45cm without head

Plate with laser engraving

Head gasket in primary color

Hose connection

Head adapter

Smoke column

Dive tube

Dive tube Extension

Diffuser, screwed on both sides

Base made of stainless steel

Balls including two spare balls

Hose in primary color

Two Bowl gaskets in primary color

Bowl – Clear

Sleeve Soft Touch

Sleeve – Polycarbonate

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