How to Set Up Your Hookah (1)

How to Set Up Your Hookah

So you have just received your first ever hookah! You are eager to try it out and show it off to your friends but before you go ahead and do that, let’s go over some of the essentials in order to properly set up your hookah.

Much like anything else in life, preparation is key. Therefore, if you want your hookah running smoothly and your flavours to taste great, it is critical to not overlook the initial set up.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you are not missing any parts. If you do notice something missing, please contact us here and we will send you the missing equipment. Once you have all your parts sorted out, it is very important to wash everything. This is especially important when using your hookah for the first time. 

You want to wash your base, your hookah and your bowl. In addition, if your hose is washable (look up the product page specifications on the website), it is always wise to give that a rinse as well.

When filling your base with water, you want to fill it to approximately an inch and a half above your down stem. Not having enough water will disrupt the quality of the smoke and if you put too much, it will be very difficult to get smoke out. After a few sessions, you will find your sweet spot. 

Next thing you want to do is properly install your base grommet. It is important to set up your grommet on the shaft first, not on the base. Once your grommet is installed on the shaft and is leveled, you can simply slide the shaft into the base until it’s neatly sealed. It’s also worth noting that you should never carry a hookah by the shaft, always grab it by the base. 

Next step is to insert your hose grommet in your hose port. This will prevent any air from leaking out when pulling smoke during your sessions. Once your hose grommet is in place, you may plug in your hose in the hose port.

As we move up the next part to install is the coal tray. Simply stack it on the top part of the hookah and it should sit nicely.

Once your coal tray is installed, grab your bowl grommet and slide it onto your bowl port. Finally, we have the last piece of the puzzle, the bowl that will sit atop the grommet you have just plugged in. 

So there you have it, you have successfully set up your very first hookah and you are ready to roll. It is never a bad idea to double-check everything before doing your first pulls. Make sure everything is sealed properly, that your water level is good and that all your grommets are well installed. 

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