Hookah Water Alternatives

Hookah water alternatives

Adding water to your hookah base may seem like a forgone conclusion for your sessions. But did you know there are actually several alternatives that you can try out instead of going with plain ol’ water?

I’m going to list a few of the best options out there, but keep in mind that water only is still the way to go. The following substitutes are simply great ways of mixing it up once in a while.

  1. Coconut milk. Many people swear by this liquid for their hookah sessions. Not only is the flavor enhanced by it, but your smoke will be very different. Users often mention that the smoke is much thicker, giving a totally different feel when inhaling. Another cool thing about coconut milk is that you can make huge smoke clouds if that’s something you’re into. 
  2. Coffee. Most people enjoy having a nice cup of coffee during their hookah sessions so hey, why not put the darn thing straight in the hookah? People usually go with a 50/50 mix of water and their favorite coffee blend. If you try this combination and really enjoy it, just keep in mind that using hot coffee too often will eventually ruin your hose. I would suggest keeping a hose on hand uniquely for coffee blends and not using your regular hoses. 
  3. Mint leaves. This is a great natural ingredient you can add along with your water. It is often said that mint leaves the smoke tasting fresher. It might even help with cold symptoms as it is a natural herbal plant (you’re going to have to try it for yourself). 
  4. Tea. Speaking of herbs, tea is a nice healthy addition to your hookah base. You will have to play around with different combinations of flavors and teas but try to match them accordingly (stronger teas with stronger flavors). 
  5. Whiskey. Now listen very carefully, when it comes to whiskey, or any other alcohol mentioned in this list, take it easy. Don’t go pouring half a bottle in your base because you are going to hate yourself shortly after. If used in moderation, mixed in with water, it can really compliment the taste of your flavors.
  6. Orange juice. You can use pretty much any juice you can think of if OJ isn’t your thing. Orange juice is definitely a popular choice though. You can also try different combinations of juices. Watermelon and orange juice can do wonders on a hot summer day. 

We could keep this list going forever as there are literally hundreds of liquids you can try out but these are some of the more popular options. Remember, when using alcohol, go easy on ratios and gradually work your way up to the perfect amount. We also strongly recommend using dedicated hoses for your different liquids other than water so that you don’t ruin your main hose.

Have your own secret blend? We want to hear about it! Share us your unique blends and we might feature it in our future blog articles. 

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